KBM Systems has the top of the line Phone Systems and accessories you are looking for we offer systems form GrandSteam and Fortivoice. These devices are SIP compliant and are interchangeable and work with many phones systems, they can be mixed or matched to build your system to fit your needs.

FortiVoice Enterprise Phone Systems


The FortiVoice Enterprise IP-PBX voice solutions are built for offices with up to 2000 phone users. FortiVoice Enterprise systems give you total call control and sophisticated communication features for excellent customer service and efficient employee collaboration. Powerful, affordable and simple, FortiVoice phone systems include everything you need to handle calls professionally, control communication costs and stay connected everywhere.


Built-in fundamentals: FortiVoice Enterprise systems include all the fundamentals of enterprise-class voice communications, with no additional licenses to buy or cards to install. Auto attendants, voice messaging, ring groups, conferencing and much more are built-in. FortiVoice systems are easy to purchase, easy to install and easy to manage, so you save the headaches that come with most enterprise phone systems.
User appeal: Your people will like it, too. In addition to working with the user-friendly series of FortiFones, The FortiVoice personal web portal lets your staff view their call logs, configure and manage their own messaging and access other features. Your employees get control over their phones, and your IT staff gets a break from having to configure every little change.
lines (FXO)
FVE-20E2 2 4 20 2 N/A N/A
FVE-20E4 4 4 20 N/A N/A
FVE-50E6 6 8 50 2 N/A N/A
FVE-100E 16 100 N/A N/A
FVE-300E-T 1 30 300                
FVE-500E-T2 2 50 500              
FVE-500E-T4 4 50 500               
FVE-1000E 100 1000              
FVE-1000E-T 4 1 100 1000 1              
FVE-2000E-T2 2 200 2000              
FVE-3000E 300 3000              


For full specifications, see the Enterprise series data sheet.


The FortiVoice Gateway solution provides ease of support for additional phone lines. The compact design and simple configuration makes growing your network a snap, and with the stackable design you can add as many gateways as you need now or later on as you grow.

  Analog lines (FXO) Analog extensions (FXS) LAN connections
FVG-G008 8 2


For full specifications, see the FortiVoice Gateway series data sheet.

FortiVoice Enterprise systems include 90 days of technical support and software upgrades, along with a one-year limited hardware warranty. Get even more coverage with FortiCare.